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Privacy Policy

Multifinança respects the privacy of its Users and in order to demonstrate how their data is treated, it presents the Privacy Policy, which complies with national and international data protection standards.

The User, when using Multifinança , agrees with the treatment of their data, aware that they are in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions of Use

This Privacy Policy must be read and interpreted together with Multifinança’s General Terms and Conditions of Use.

It is noteworthy that the guidelines contained in this document do not apply to third-party websites or other services that are related to them. Multifinança does not exert any kind of influence over them, thus, it is free from any responsibility in its established relationships, that is, between the user and the services and products of third parties that are disclosed on the website.

If by chance the User does not agree, even in part, with the terms and conditions that are included in this Privacy Policy, he will not need to access or even use the contents that are made available by Multifinança. By making use of the blog, the user guarantees to be aware of and in full agreement with the treatment of their data, in addition to being in agreement with the terms of this Privacy Policy and also with the General Terms and Conditions of Use.


Multifinança aims to share financial information with its Users, with the aim of making economic knowledge accessible to everyone.

All functions of Multifinança can be used without the User needing to register beforehand.

Multifinança follows all international security norms and standards in the protection, storage, privacy and transmission of data, emphasizing that no method of data protection, storage, privacy and transmission is completely safe and inviolable.

Multifinança does not send emails to any of its Users asking for money, or even confirmation of their personal data.


In order to have access to free content on Multifinança: e-books, quizzes and similar, the User must provide only two identifiable personal data, such as: name and e-mail.

Personal identifiable data processed by Multifinança has the purpose of: carrying out an analysis of the User’s profile. In this way, Multifinança will be able to carry out searches within its “feed” to obtain better information about its profile and thus, indicate personalized products and services according to the preferences and needs of each User.

Multifinança may invite Users to participate in satisfaction surveys, where they will be sent e-mails with necessary guidance. The data collected will be used to administer the survey, with the aim of seeking improvements in the system and in the products, content and services offered by Multifinança.

In case the User contacts Multifinança to report any type of problem, ask any questions or even get our support, the user’s contact information will be collected and stored, as well as messages and other data necessary for verification of your question or problem. These same data will be used in order to resolve any questions, based on the information collected, clarify doubts, correct problems and also to improve the system, always with the aim of improving the Multifinança User experience.


When Users do not request free content from Multifinança , such as e-books, quizzes and the like, tracking may be carried out, together with the collection of non-personal data, pointing out, among other details, the pages of the website that were visited, the moment they were visited, which hyperlinks were clicked, which content or services were requested or indicated, among others.

Multifinança uses cookies to contribute to the collection of IP (internet protocol) identification data and information; for easier navigation of the User, supporting the guarantee of protection, security and authenticity of the data. With the use of advertising cookies, Google and its partners may serve ads to users based on visits made to Multifinança and/or other websites on the Internet.

The User may change at any time, whether or not he wishes to accept cookies in his browser configuration, bearing in mind that by disabling browsing cookies, some of Multifinança’s functionalities may be impaired.


Multifinança will not sell its Users’ information or personal data. However, you can share them with partner institutions and companies, with the aim of enabling the indication of the best services and products that meet your needs, or to provide services and/or products requested by the User.

Multifinança reserves the right to assist or collaborate with any judicial authority or government agency and may share Users’ personally identifiable data, in order to:

1) establish or exercise your legal rights;

2) protect your properties;

3) when you consider that your assistance or cooperation is necessary for the protection of your Users, administrators, collaborators or any person harmed by the action or omission.


Keeping your data safe is our greatest concern, just as we protect ours. Therefore, Multifinança follows practices and technologies that are constantly revised and improved, in accordance with national and international technical and regulatory advances. When we talk about protection, we are talking about any unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your data. As a precaution, so that this does not happen, we invest in ways that rely on encrypted communications, adherence to secure software development, access control, internal compliance policies, in addition to accountability and risk reduction measures, which allow for security in the cycle of data life. All User information is held in secure databases,


Multifinança does not process personal data of children under the age of 13 (thirteen) without the prior authorization of their parents or legal guardians.

If there is unintentional collection and processing of personal data from children under thirteen (13) years of age, without the proper authorization of their parents or legal guardians, Finpavi will delete all data that were collected, without any kind of notice.

If by chance the User knows that we may have carried out, in a mistaken way, the processing of a child’s data, we ask that they get in touch as soon as possible, so that we can take the necessary measures.


Multifinança uses the services of several companies to display their advertisements on the website. These ads contain Cookies and/or Web Beacons, which are used to collect data on how these third-party companies’ ads are displayed. Multifinança does not have access to this information and is also not responsible for the data and information that is collected by third-party companies.


The Privacy Policy may be modified, completed or replaced at any time, at the private discretion of Multifinança’s managers, without the consent or notification of Users.